Is Technology Too Invasive?

The word “Technology” came into existence a long ago. But, the word had no relation with the virtual world.

In the present world, technology is not just machines but something which has its own intelligence.

The virtual world and the digital atmosphere are the apparent look of technology.

With the invention of computer and Internet, technology has reached our homes. But with smart phones technology has become our shadow.

Everybody is just so engrossed with all these Smart phones and Tabs. Everyone around us is changing and with them a new society is taking shape.

Now, the answer of only one question we should seek and that is –

Is technology too invasive? or more benefits?

The technology that is around us and with us has opened many windows. The social networking sites and different dating sites are the new faces of technology.

People love this new ways of interaction. It’s only the virtual faces that they prefer. Pictures and selfies are turning people into another strange social persons.

Kids no more like their Dads and Moms , but they definitely like their smart phones. They can live without their family, but perhaps they can’t live without their smart phones.

Man invented this technology to keep their surroundings under control. But the contrary is happening. The technology is gradually becoming the master of its creator.

Every moment of our daily life is shared on the Internet by us. The virtual world is getting more closer than the real life. People just love to live in the virtual world. Everybody is just so artificially happy.

From CCTV to Phone cameras, once hacked, anybody can be under vigilance.The situation is that we are sharing all the moments of our lives through technology and this is certainly not good. In near future, there will be hardly any private life left to people.

The Benefits of Technology

From the stone age to this age of concrete, technology has blessed us with a heavenly life.

The machines are now robots and they are the true servants of Human beings.

Science through the hands of technology has reached Mars.

The medical field is progressing rapidly. Now, Man has a good average lifespan.

The technology and the virtual world have many beneficial aspects. The computer with the right software has saved Man’s labor without a doubt.

The places where Man could have lost his life, technology has protected him. Man has become limitless only because of technology.

The smart phone has changed the lives of people and it has taken Man into a completely new dimension. Through thousands of helping Apps, many things can be controlled. With the aid of this smart phone, the world is in the Pocket virtually.

To conclude, it can be said that, Technology is now a part of our life. Sometimes it may seem that it has spread itself too much. But, it should not be forgotten that we have allowed this technology to reach that deep.

It’s our responsibility to mark the limit of technology. The future is not without technology, so we have to learn to live with it.