DA Megaboom Is Cool

When the second generation UE Boom 2 released in 2015, it cost roughly $250. In 2017, other models added to the range like the UE Megaboom and the UE Roll as well as other competitors on the market, you can pick one up on Amazon for just over $100.

The color range is excellent, bright and bold and the speaker itself covered in rubber and cloth.

This speaker works with an app which lets you do things like adjust the sound quality with an equalizer, pair with other UE speakers, turn it on and off and it even has an alarm clock feature that I particularly liked one early morning when I wanted to raise the last of the party goers in my lounge room.

One of my friends has the same speaker and we paired them up and used the Block Party feature. While we didn’t exactly feel like DJ’s doing it, it is a neat ability. I could cue up a song I liked from Amazon Music and he could then play a song from one of his streaming services.


  • Mud proof, drop proof from up to 5 feet, water proof and is submergible up to 1 meter. I’ve tested out a few scenarios and found it survived them all.
  • 15 hours battery life.
  • The size. It’s about as big as my water bottle and just as easy to get around with.
  • The recharge time is only 2.5 hours which means its super-fast.
  • No indicator lights on this one, just press the plus and minus icons for manual volume control and UE Boom 2 will tell you exactly how much battery is left.
  • The pairing option is great, I’ve tried it with two UE speakers to pump up the volume but it’s supposed to pair up to 50. Challenge accepted.
  • Updates to the app mean I can voice activate my play list.

Not Good

  • The speaker be able to go 70 feet away from your phone but I have found outside, it gets nowhere near that.
  • You have to pick it up to use the Tap feature.
  • Doesn’t float (it’s more expensive brother the Megaboom does.)
  • The bass sounds awesome but if you push the volume to its limits, the bass groans a bit.
  • I have had some pairing trouble at times.

Overall, this is a steady contender in the range of portable speakers and if you want more punch there is a Megaboom might make you even happier.