Firestick vs. Roku Stick: Media Streaming Devices

The one of the largest industries today is the entertainment industry. People like to watch TV, favorite shows, playing games, dramas and films and many other paid and unpaid TV channels are high in demand. With the great advancement in electronics and communication media, engineers have come up with a solution of something “portable” that […]

Is Technology Too Invasive?

The word “Technology” came into existence a long ago. But, the word had no relation with the virtual world. In the present world, technology is not just machines but something which has its own intelligence. The virtual world and the digital atmosphere are the apparent look of technology. With the invention of computer and Internet, […]

playbase review

Sonos Home Theater with PLAYBAR and SUB

When it comes to enjoying a movie or playing your favourite game, the best way to do so is by going to a theater and watching the unfold on the big screen (though, it may be quite difficult to achieve the same in the latter case). No one can deny that watching a movie in […]

DA Megaboom Is Cool

When the second generation UE Boom 2 released in 2015, it cost roughly $250. In 2017, other models added to the range like the UE Megaboom and the UE Roll as well as other competitors on the market, you can pick one up on Amazon for just over $100. The color range is excellent, bright and bold and the speaker itself covered in […]

VPS Hosting Plan

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the future answer to those that have outgrown their shared hosting service, but can’t afford to upgrade to a dedicated server or don’t wish to do so. VPS hosting gives you full control over the server environment without all the resources of a real server. Today, it is often […]

Using A Web Hosting Comparison Site

There are many factors worth understanding when using a Web Hosting Comparison Site. It is paramount that you do independent research because some of these websites are sponsored and are a “paid to create service and review” by some web hosting companies, so do not just take the data as facts, but rather take some […]