Everything you want to know about Air Mattresses

An air mattress, also known as an airbed, is an inflatable bed made up of rubber, plastic or PVC.

They are mainly used as guest beds at home, as permanent bed in the bedroom and for camping and picnics. It is believed that airbeds are very good for healing back pain. Its ability to reshape depending on the body size and shape heals the back pain. When you select your air mattress you have to keep in mind a few things like the purpose, size, auto pumping or manual pumping, capacity, quality and warranty. Please visit camprookie.com.


You should decide the purpose of the mattress. The one for camping is very lightweight and easy to carry. Camping mattresses are designed very lightweight, medium sized and reduced thickness. They can be backpacked and carried easily.


They come in different sizes like California King (72” x 84”), King (76” x 80”), Queen (60” x 80”), Full (54” x 74”), Full XL (54” x 80”), Twin (38” x 74”), Twin XL (38” x 80”).

Automatic or Manual

An important factor is whether you opt for an automatic pumping or a manual pumping mattress.

An automatic mattress has built in pump which operates on a battery or on an electric socket. This will be inflated automatically when you switch it on. Manual pumping mattress has a one side valve to which you can connect your hand pump, foot pump or an electrical pump which can be connected to an electric socket and inflate it. Hand pump or foot pump may cause a physical exercise for you. After usage you have to deflate the mattress. If it is a manual one you can deflate by opening the valve and then by gently squeezing the full air out of the bag. If it is an automatic mattress you can use the pump to suck out the air and fold it.

Capacity and warranty

Capacity of the air mattress is also a factor to consider. It comes with different capacity from single person to heavy duty beds starting from 300 lbs, 450 lbs, 500 lbs, 600lbs and 800lbs. This capacity is a measure of how much weight or how many persons it can afford. Also check for the manufacturer warranty. Depending on the manufacturer warranty varies from 30 days to 1 year.


Air beds can be used on any flat surfaces. Normally people use it on the floor. But it can be used on specially designed bed frames. They can’t be used on normal bed frames as they don’t have enough support. Else you will have to use them on the coat after removing the normal mattress on the bed if it has a wooden or metal platform on it.

Best 5 air beds of 2017 in the market

  • SoundAsleep Dream Series
  • Serta Neverflat
  • ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable
  • SoundAsleep Camping Series
  • Insta Bed Never Flat

Where to get the best mattresses from?

Like any other product they can be purchased from a dealer shop or from the e-commerce site like Amazon or eBay. Amazon provides airbeds in a wide variety meaning you have a mattress for every space and purpose.