Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive can seem to have an endless supply of weapons, especially to the newer player. The CS universe is constantly evolving, and the sheer number of options makes it difficult to compare all of the different options in the different weapon categories. One of the first things a player learns is that in CS GO, a player is a member of one of two teams: the Terrorists or the Counter Terrorists. Some of the weapons that are available can be purchased by members of either team, but some weapons are only available to members of one of the teams. It’s important to take note of this, since there’s no point in researching weapons you ultimately can’t purchase or use. But it’s also helpful in narrowing down a player’s choices.

A new player should start by understanding all of the types of weapons that are available, even if they believe they already have a preference. Choices include Weapons include Pistols, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, Machine Guns, Rifles, Snipe Rifles, and Melee weapons. Melee weapons are all of the weapons that aren’t firearms. Firearms may seem more powerful, but Melee weapons can give a player options that firearms can’t. Knives are a favorite with seasoned CS GO players. There are a one-shot kill and can be used as both a long ranged and short ranged weapon. Bayonets are also enormously popular. The Revolver is one of the more popular Pistols, since it’s a one-shot kill above the waist. Both teams have access to the trusty P250 Pistol, another popular choice. These weapons can be customized by purchasing some skins to make them look nice.

FAMAS and Galil Rifles are known for their accuracy. They aren’t as powerful as other rifles, but they’re inexpensive, which is important when lots of equipment is needed and funds are in short supply. Assault Rifles are also an extremely popular choice with CS players. The AUG the signature Assault Rifle for the Counter Terrorists. The SG533 Assault Rifle has the distinction of being the only weapon that has 100% armor penetration. Both teams have the ability to purchase two Sniper Rifles: the AWP and the SSG 08 (commonly referred to by players as the Scout). Sniper Rifles in general take a fair amount of training, but can inflict a lot of damage on the other team. The Tec-, AK-47 and the Sawed Off are legendary weapons. The Sawed Off has the highest bullet spread of all Shotguns. But most days, it’s hard to beat the Bazooka.