How To Fight Lex Luthor Using Only Web Hosting

Metropolis could hardly believe it, but the fact became clear very soon when Luthor started encroaching on the city: Superman is dead. But he didn’t stop there. Lex Luthor started killing all of the other superheroes until the Justice League was no more. Now, those left after Luthor’s genocidal run are normal, powerless scared humans with no chance to defeat him.

That is, until you come around. You don’t have a lot of money, you aren’t nearly as smart or skilled as Bruce Wayne and you’re just one lone light in the sea of darkness. Thankfully you have one tool that Luthor can’t control: Web hosting. Amassing Money Toppling Luthor is going to take money, and lots of it. There’s no way to arm and supply a rebellion without millions of dollars. While it’s going to take time to do that, the good news is that Web hosting gives you easy access to building an online business.

The first thing that you do is build a large network of AdSense websites. You don’t have to manage them much, just upload a new article every week and do some minimal marketing. While the money isn’t much, it’s recurring and easy to make. You also build an ecommerce websites to directly sell items. You start off slow, but soon get to the point where you need to stock warehouses just to keep your business running.

Lastly, you build a few websites that offer services, like writing and SEO link building. After hiring a few outsources, the business practically runs itself. Setup a Wiki As a citizen of Metropolis, you are able to see firsthand what Luthor is planning and doing. While the rest of the world knows the overview of what he is doing, you are the only one who can tell them the whole truth.

Creating a Wiki and posting everything that you know makes it much easier for the world to understand his crimes. Not only does this improve the effort against him, but it allows other citizens to post what they know to create a comprehensive information network. Organize the Forces You aren’t the only one fighting against Luthor, but the remaining forces are disorganized and aren’t communicating. While social networks are helping, they’re only allowing small pockets of people to talk and organize.

Now’s the time when you build a major forum so that everyone who is willing to fight can have a voice. You move slowly and cautiously, but this website ensures that you can easily communicate with everyone that has the courage to topple Luthor’s new reign. When the fighting finally begins, you can also use this same website to send messages and communicate directly with your forces.

Conclusion It’ll take time and money, but Web hosting could help you topple Luthor even if’s able to kill Superman and everyone else. Armed with information, money and many people, the war effort to retake Metropolis and the rest of the world is coming at hand. While this scenario might seem farfetched, the truth is that you can use Web hosting to do many things, including amassing money as an online business owner and rallying around real causes. If you love this article, click here for more related articles.